How to determine and print jQuery version?


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Is there a jQuery function that returns the version of jQuery that is currently loaded?

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Solution 1 - Javascript

You can use this:

//or if you're using .noConflict():

It's updated automatically when jQuery is built, defined here:

Make sure to use $ for properties that don't depend on an object, no reason to create an unneeded jquery object with $().property unless you intend to use it :)

Solution 2 - Javascript

alert( $.fn.jquery )

Solution 3 - Javascript

I'm not sure how many versions of jQuery this exists in, but a jQuery object has a jquery property that stores the version.

alert( $().jquery );

Will alert 1.4.2 if you're using that version.

Solution 4 - Javascript


This will return a string containing the jQuery version

Solution 5 - Javascript

$().jquery; // yields the string "1.4.2", for example


Solution 6 - Javascript



Solution 7 - Javascript

Alert is good, but if you want to actually print the jquery version...



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