How to check if list is empty using thymeleaf?


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<div th:if="${tblUserList != null}">

The above thymeleaf code is not working, where tblUserList is a list. So I want to check whether the list is empty instead of checking its null. How to do that?

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Solution 1 - Html

You can do as follows:

<div th:if="${not #lists.isEmpty(tblUserList)}">

Solution 2 - Html

With Thymeleaf 3.x.x you can validate list more elegant:

<div th:if="${tblUserList!=null and !tblUserList.empty}"></div>


<div th:if="${tblUserList!=null and !tblUserList.isEmpty()}"></div>

Solution 3 - Html

Or simply:

<div th:if="${!myList.empty}">

Solution 4 - Html

Instead of negating you could use thymeleafs inverted if unless

<div th:unless="${myList.empty}">


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