How to change current working directory using a batch file

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Batch File Problem Overview

I need some help in writing a batch file. I have a path stored in a variable root as follows:

set root=D:\Work\Root

Then I am changing my working directory to this root as follows:

cd %root%

When I execute this batch file from anywhere on the D drive this is done successfully. But when I execute the same batch file from some other drive, cd %root% doesn't work.

Is there a way I can get the drive letter from the root variable? I can then change the current directory to this drive first and then cd %root% shall work.

Batch File Solutions

Solution 1 - Batch File

Specify /D to change the drive also.

CD /D %root%

Solution 2 - Batch File

Just use cd /d %root% to switch driver letters and change directories.

Alternatively, use pushd %root% to switch drive letters when changing directories as well as storing the previous directory on a stack so you can use popd to switch back.

Note that pushd will also allow you to change directories to a network share. It will actually map a network drive for you, then unmap it when you execute the popd for that directory.

Solution 3 - Batch File

Try this

chdir /d D:\Work\Root

Enjoy rooting ;)

Solution 4 - Batch File

A simpler syntax might be

pushd %root%

Solution 5 - Batch File

In my batch file I needed to :

  1. Change dir to other directory
  2. run commands in bat file -- do some work in that directory
  3. change back to my original directory

pushd solved this with the help of popd

bat file example

pushd <my-working-directory>
do command
do other command


popd moved me back to original directory.


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