How to add SCSS styles to a React project?


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I'm just starting to learn React (have some JavaScript knowledge, as I'm learning tis as well) and building my first project. I would like to know how to add styles to my first React project, using CSS/SCSS as I have some knowledge and understanding from my html, CSS/SCSS learning projects.

How do you add SCSS to your React Project?

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Solution 1 - Css

If using create-react-app then:

1)First install sass dependency using npm:

npm install sass

2)Import your sass file to your componentName.js file

import '../scss/FileName.scss';

Solution 2 - Css

The way to use scss depends a bit on your React development environment. For beginners React recommends using Create React App which is, according to them, "a comfortable environment for learning React, and is the best way to start building a new single-page application in React." You can read more about it at To create your app you simply type the following at the command line:

npx create-react-app my-app

After that, React sets up a full development environment with css files you can edit to style your code.

If you want to continue using create-react-app (sometimes called CRA) and use scss then you can install the Dart Sass library by typing:

npm i sass

(Keep in mind that node-sass in deprecated and we are using Dart Sass instead of it)
For a full explanation about how to use node-sass and CRA together see "How to Use SASS in Create React App?":

Once you move beyond CRA you can tinker with your own webpack.config.js which can also be set up to compile and import SCSS files. But if you are just starting out with React then you may want to leave tinkering with your webpack.config.js for later and stick with CRA.

Solution 3 - Css

If you are using create-react-app, just add sass as a dev dependency.

yarn add -D sass or npm install --save-dev sass

Then just replace/rename all CSS files and corresponding imports to *.scss instead of *.css

Solution 4 - Css

first, install sass in your project. Then import it into your component.

install sass:

  1. Using npm: npm install sass
  2. Using yarn yarn add sass

import in your component: import example from './example.scss'

Solution 5 - Css

The steps to add Sass to Create React App are:

  1. Install node-sass:

    npm install node-sass


    yarn add node-sass

  2. Convert your .css files to .scss

  3. Import your .scss files in your React components like App.js

Solution 6 - Css

npm install node-sass

create theme/assets folder inside src. add variable mixins file with underscore. incude scss file in component scss file.

@import './Assets/mixins';

Here is an link to sample react project with scss

Solution 7 - Css

You do not need to. It is already built-in with npx create-react-app


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