How do I make Ruby 1.9 the default Ruby on Ubuntu?

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Is there any way, on Ubuntu 9.04, to install Ruby 1.8 as ruby1.8 (or get rid of it altogether) and have Ruby 1.9 be the default ruby?

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I'm not really sure, but maybe this can help:

update-alternatives --config ruby

... and here's the non-interactive, scriptable, way:

update-alternatives --set ruby /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1

You may find out about available alternatives and respective /usr/bin/... paths by doing:

update-alternatives --query ruby

Solution 2 - Ruby

Martin - Take a look at the following link:

This is where installation of ruby is heading for ubuntu servers. This should allow you to not only switch to a ruby version when needed, but also keep gems separated based on ruby versions, etc.

Solution 3 - Ruby

You can completely remove Ruby 1.8 too with:

sudo apt-get remove libruby1.8 ruby1.8 ruby1.8-dev rubygems1.8

After that, you will only have Ruby 1.9 installed.

Solution 4 - Ruby

sudo \curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby --rails

will install an up-to-date version of ruby (and rails), and allow you to avoid brokenness of Ubuntu's RVM, see

If you go this route, get rid of Ubuntu-installed versions and associated packages like bundle.

Details here:

(Note: this is the TL;DR version of the post by henry74.)

Solution 5 - Ruby

Try this:

sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1 rubygems1.9.1

or try building from source. this worked for me on ubuntu 9.04 and after a restart 1.9 was the standard ruby


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