How can I stop indexing intellij idea?

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Without "excluding" folders, how can I stop Indexing intellij idea on start? It's very very annoying that it starts indexing on startup without allowing you to, for example, debug a test case making you wait until indexing has finished.

Indexing Solutions

Solution 1 - Indexing

You can stop synchronizing/indexing each time you switch to the IDEA and it's quite useful when dealing with big projects and outside build process which triggers indexing.

Just disable checkbox System Settings -> Synchronize files on frame or editor tab activation.

Make sure you run indexing manually to update hints when needed through Synchronize menu (Cmd-Alt-Y on Mac) or File -> Reload All from Disk to run it manually for IDEA 2020 running under Linux

System Settings

Solution 2 - Indexing


File-> Invalidate Caches / Restart.

I think that this issue happens (at least for me it seems to be the reason) if you start commit and then close the IDE in the middle of the process.

Solution 3 - Indexing

Now, "excluding" folders is the only way to disable indexing when a change occurs in one of excluded folders (except for generated sources that mustn't be excluded).

Checked with Intellij 2016.2.5

I suggest you to tune your Intellij configuration, see this post :

Solution 4 - Indexing

You Can easily resolve it.

Just Go to: File -> Setting -> Directories.

Stop all the files that are going to included and need to empty ADD Content Root.

Like This:

enter image description here

Solution 5 - Indexing

It may be because of libraries folder is added more than one sub folder in the project. example in my case i have node_modules folder in two locations in the project. one is under root directory(app-->node_modeules) another one is under(app-->test-->node_modules)

Simply Right click on each folder and then selected Mark Directory As --> Excluded

It resolved my problem. Hope it would be helpful.

Solution 6 - Indexing

After struggling with this issue for around a week and searching all the solution I came to below conclusion: either upgrade your intellij which gives you feature to pause the indexing ( I can't upgrade my intellij due to license issues ) so the other option was to disable all the plugins and then try enabling as per the need one by one.

After enabling any of the plugin if you see it behaving the same uninstall the plugin and download some alternative of it.

Solution 7 - Indexing

If longer indexing is an issue you can enable the shared indexes.

Add this plugin in your intellij and follow the instructions from here.


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