git-svn on Windows. Where to get binaries?


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I want to use git as a local repository against a remote SVN repository. I installed version from

According to the documentation synchronization is done via the command

git svn

or a separate command wrapper called


Neither of them is available in my installation and I could not find a separate download for Windows binaries.

I'm currenty using the MSYS build. Must I switch to cygwin?

Windows Solutions

Solution 1 - Windows

git-svn is installed in the latest version of msysgit. However, there's a slight caveat: while git-svn shows up in C:\Program Files\git\libexec as "git-svn", svn is actually called as an argument to the git executable, thus:

git svn clone

Solution 2 - Windows

This earlier version has working git-svn. I thought that git-svn in the current version that you installed was fixed, but maybe not. Git-svn definitely did not work in the windows version of Git

Solution 3 - Windows

Install cygwin and select the git-svn package under the Devel category.

Solution 4 - Windows

The git svn command is written in Perl and requires the Subversion Perl libraries. The existence of the svn command line command is insufficient for git-svn.

I haven't used git svn on Windows (only on Unix and Mac OS X), so I can't really provide more detail, but hopefully this should point you in the right direction.

Solution 5 - Windows

I don't know git, but I know that for Mercurial, for example, you have to have SVN installed to convert from SVN to Mercurial (and back). Perhaps it is the same for git?

SVN is quite big by itself, so perhaps concurrent systems won't want to distribute it with their software, bloating the download.

I used the command line SVN client from [Slik SVN]( "Subversion | Slik SVN"), not too big and installing cleanly.

Of course, wait for more informed answer, or search the Web for confirmation of my information... :-) Although it doesn't hurt to have an SVN client, since lot of projects use it.


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