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I'm using the sequelize ORM to fetch data from a PSQL DB. However, when I retrieve something, a whole bunch of data is given. The only data I want is inside 'dataValues'. Of course, I can use object.dataValues. But, is there any other good solutions?

I'm using Sequelize 4.10

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Yes you can

 raw: true,
 //Other parameters

would return just the data and not the model instance

Solution 2 - node.js

Sequelize wraps all it's return values in a virtual object that contains meta data. If you have an object and you just want the undecorated data values, you can unwrap them like so:

Model.findById(1).then(data => {
  console.log(data.get({ plain: true }));

Additionally if you just want to print out the object you can use the .toJSON method.

Model.findById(1).then(data => {

Solution 3 - node.js

Finally I found answer after searching a lot. you should do something like this

const users = await db.users.findAll({})
   .map(el => el.get({ plain: true })) // add this line to code

source: github issue

Solution 4 - node.js

To clarify Masoud Tavakkoli's answer (which is not immediately clear on that github answer): using element.get({ plain: true }) returns an array of objects with each attribute key:value pairs.

If you just want an array of one specific attribute's values (eg user ids) instead of objects, you can use something like this:

const users = await User.findAll({
    attributes: ["id"], 
    where: {} // Your filters here
}).map(u => u.get("id")) // [1,2,3]

Nika Kasradze's answer actually achieves the same outcome as a middle-step; using the JSON stringifier generates the same array output. It's possible this is faster than mapping, but I'm not sure.

const users = await User.findAll({
    attributes: ["id"], 
    where: {} // Your filters here
const userIds = JSON.stringify(users)) // [1,2,3]

Solution 5 - node.js

This is how I solved mine

    let rows = await database.Book.findAll(options);
    rows = JSON.stringify(rows);
    rows = JSON.parse(rows);

Note that the query has 'include childModel' i could've used 'raw:true' if it just one model. Stringifying the result clears out the '_previousDataValues' e.t.c and give you plain object, now parse the stringified obect back to json. Took me a long time before I could figure this out.

Solution 6 - node.js

The problem occurs only when I log it using:

> console.log(Model.findAll());

If I save it to a variable, I can directly access objects inside without using "dataValues"


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