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When I Checkout a project form Google Cloud, Android Studio sais: "2 modules cannot be loaded. You can remove them from the project" and I cannot see the project. The error is in the iml files app.iml and ProjectName.iml.


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Solution 1 - Android

Delete the *.iml files and rebuild the project (Build > Rebuild), it should be ok after that.

Solution 2 - Android

The best way to get rid of this problem is below:

1- close the project

2- close Android Studio IDE

3- delete the .idea directory

4- delete all .iml files

5- open Android Studio IDE and import the project again

Solution 3 - Android

Removing modules.xml file under the /.idea folder solved my issue.

Solution 4 - Android

I think you can take the IDE automatic advice of deleting the xxx.iml files

Solution 5 - Android

As was already answered here the best solution is deleting all .iml files, but it could be done just Refreshing Gradle Project at Gradle tab> right click on your project > Refresh Gradle Project.

Then a Clean and Rebuild should be done also.


The screenshot:

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Solution 6 - Android

I had this issue in Android Studio 3.4 when I loaded an old project. I found some XML files in the .idea folder, including the file .idea/modules.xml.

It contained multiple <module fileurl="..."> tags, some of these were duplicates of existing modules but these had incorrect paths, in the fileurl attribute. I closed the project, deleted these duplicate tags, and reopened the project. This resolved the error for me.

Solution 7 - Android

For my Flutter project, it was not enough to delete the .idea directory in the project root, I had to delete also .idea folder in android directory.

1- close the project

2- close Android Studio IDE

3- delete the .idea directory, but also android/.idea directory!

4- delete all .iml files

5- open Android Studio IDE and reopen project

That's it, happy coding.


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