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I'm getting this error message with the code below:

class Money {
    Money(float amount, int moneyType);
    string asString(bool shortVersion=true);
    float amount;
    int moneyType;

First I thought that default parameters are not allowed as a first parameter in C++ but it is allowed.

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Solution 1 - C++

You are probably redefining the default parameter in the implementation of the function. It should only be defined in the function declaration.

//bad (this won't compile)
string Money::asString(bool shortVersion=true){

//good (The default parameter is commented out, but you can remove it totally)
string Money::asString(bool shortVersion /*=true*/){

//also fine, but maybe less clear as the commented out default parameter is removed
string Money::asString(bool shortVersion){

Solution 2 - C++

I made a similar error recently. this is how I resolved it.

when having a function prototype and definition. the default parameter is not specified in the definition.


int addto(int x, int y = 4);

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    int res = addto(5);

int addto(int x, int y) {
    return x + y;


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