E: Package 'mysql-client' has no installation candidate in php-fpm image build using docker compose

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Im fairly new to docker and so im trying to learn more about it using a laravel project, im following this tutorial:


Ive adjusted the Dockerfile a bit from what the tutorial has but even the tutorial file causes the same result.

FROM php:7.3-fpm

# Copy composer.lock and composer.json
COPY composer.lock composer.json /var/www/
# Install dependencies
RUN curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_10.x | bash - && \
    apt-get update && apt-get install -y mysql-client \

RUN npm install -g npm

# Clear cache
RUN apt-get clean && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

# Install extensions
RUN docker-php-ext-install pdo pdo_mysql

# Install composer
RUN curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer

# Add user for laravel application
RUN groupadd -g 1000 www
RUN useradd -u 1000 -ms /bin/bash -g www www

# Copy existing application directory contents
COPY . /var/www

# Copy existing application directory permissions
COPY --chown=www:www . /var/www

# Change current user to www
USER www
# Set working directory
WORKDIR /var/www
# Expose port 9000 and start php-fpm server

CMD ["php-fpm"]

But i keep getting the following error when i run docker-compose up -d:

E: Package 'mysql-client' has no installation candidate
ERROR: Service 'app' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_10.x | bash - &&     apt-get update && apt-get install -y mysql-client     nodejs     build-essential     vim     git     curl' returned a non-zero code: 100

Am i missing something?

I expected this to work since i am running apt-get update before installing mysql-client.


Laravel Solutions

Solution 1 - Laravel

php:7.3-fpm now use Debian 10 (Buster) as its base image and Buster ships with MariaDB, so just replace mysql-client with mariadb-client should fix it.

Solution 2 - Laravel

If you still want to use the mysql client, it's called default-mysql-client now.

Solution 3 - Laravel

php:7.2-apache triggers the error as well, but I resolve it using php:7.2.18-apache

Solution 4 - Laravel

it worked for me: sudo apt-get update && apt-get install -y git curl libmcrypt-dev default-mysql-client

or alternatively apt-cache search mysql-server find out your servers then sudo apt-get install default-mysql-server default-mysql-server-core mariadb-server-10.6 mariadb-server-core-10.6 in my case it was the above codes


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