Does dropping a table in MySQL also drop the indexes?

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It's not explicitly mentioned in the documentation ( I ask because I just saw a curious database migration in a Rails project where the developer was removing all the indexes before dropping the table, and that seemed unnecessary.

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Yes, it does.

However, if you have foreign key constraints such as RESTRICT that ensure referential integrity with other tables, you'll want to drop those keys prior to dropping or truncating a table.

Solution 2 - Mysql

Yes it would drop the index. There's no reason to keep the index if the underlying table isn't there. I suspect that the downward migration is just doing the opposite of the upward migration on a one-to-one basis.

Solution 3 - Mysql

It is unneccessary. Your DROP TABLE might however be prevented when the table is part of foreign key relationships and dropping your table would break the dependencies.


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