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I have a docker-compose project using Docker for Mac that autostarts when I boot the computer.

I usually start the project with docker-compose up -d, but even running docker-compose stop before shutting down autostarts it again on boot.

I am not aware of specifically enabling this. How can I disable it?

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Solution 1 - Docker Compose

Today I had the same issue that all containers are started when I boot my dev laptop, as restart: always was set in the .yml files.

As I don't want to touch the .yml files, I just found out (thx Bobby) how to alter this setting by:

docker update --restart=no <MY-CONTAINER-ID>

Solution 2 - Docker Compose

Try with docker-compose down instead of docker-compose stop


Stops containers and removes containers, networks, volumes, and images created by up. Networks and volumes defined as external are never removed.


Stops running containers without removing them. They can be started again with docker-compose start.

Solution 3 - Docker Compose

restart: no is default mode. There is line inside your docker-compose file with restart: no or restart: unless-stopped. It also means that when you boot your system, it (re)starts container(s) again as long as docker daemon. Details
You need to change restart to no or on-failure, example:

version: '2.1'
        restart: on-failure
                USER_ID: ${USER_ID}
            context: codebase/namp-backend
            dockerfile: Dockerfile.dev
          - "5001:5001"
          - "5851:5851"
          - ./codebase/namp-backend:/codebase

Also docker-compose down for most cases, gives you the same result - do not start containers while (docker) system startup, except: containers will be deleted after this, not stopped.

Solution 4 - Docker Compose

Use the following command if you want to stop a specific container:

docker update --restart=no <MY-CONTAINER-ID>

If you want to stop all registered containers, this is the best option:

docker update --restart=no $(docker container ls -a -q)

Thank you

Solution 5 - Docker Compose

Beside setting restart: unless-stopped, remove existing containers and recreate them.

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Now, it would work as expected:

docker-compose stop
sudo service docker restart
docker-compose ps
# should NOT HAVE containers running

docker-compose up -d
sudo service docker restart
docker-compose ps
# should HAVE containers running


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