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Is it possible to delete an GAE application after it has been created?

I made a mistake while typing the name and now have a dummy application that I haven't been able to remove.

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Solution 1 - Google App-Engine

With the new Google Cloud console, you can still disable GAE applications as before (App Engine --> Settings --> Disable). They cannot currently be deleted. However you can delete the entire project by going to IAM --> Settings --> Shut Down. This button is in the header and a bit tricky to spot. It looks like this:

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As of AppEngine SDK 1.2.6 it's possible to delete apps completely. But beware, the app-id won't be usable again.

Solution 2 - Google App-Engine

As most of the answers are outdated or contradictive and this is an important question I decided to clarify current possible solutions when intending to delete an application in Google App Engine or having related issues.

Currently, there is no way to delete an existing app in GAE. Once created it cannot be removed, nor its initial settings can be changed (like the region where it was deployed). The only possible workaround is starting a new project and deploying a new application. There were feature requests in Google Issue Tracker regarding these issues: deleting an app and changing zone/region. You can still delete the whole project as described in Steve Armstrong's answer, but bear in mind that this will remove everything you created there (like GCE, GKE etc.), not only GAE.

However, it all depends on why you would like to delete your app. If you would simply like to stop it from serving requests or you don't want it to incur further costs, you can disable the app as described in the GCP docs here.

Solution 3 - Google App-Engine

This feature is already logged, please star it:

Solution 4 - Google App-Engine

To disable /delete your application:

  • In the Administration Console, click your application to make it the active application.
  • Click Application Settings on the left side under Administration.
  • Click Disable Application.
  • Click Disable Application Now.
  • If you want to delete your app:
  1. If billing is enabled for your app, disable billing. You aren't allowed to delete before you do this.
  2. Click Request Permanent Deletion. The application will be deleted in approximately 72 hours. To re-enable your disabled application, click Re-Enable Application.

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Solution 5 - Google App-Engine

There currently isn't a way to delete a GAE application.

Solution 6 - Google App-Engine

Solution 7 - Google App-Engine

I was evaluating if we could use AppEngine and ran the standard tutorial which created a test app for me under my the default project. When I tried to delete the App I was shocked that it can't be done ! The only way is to delete the project which would delete all other GKE and any other services under that account.

After a bunch of research and calling product support of Google this what they suggested: To upgrade to Silver Support for 150$/month and send them an email to delete the app.

Here is the chat session with Google Support. If you were considering using Google AppEngine I would think again.

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Solution 8 - Google App-Engine

Beyond disabling the App Engine application you can:

  • Disable it's API permission under APIs & Services
  • Remove the App Engine related files from Storage
  • Delete App Engine permissions under IAM & Admin
  • Delete the App Engine Service account

This will freeze all App Engine related billing charges for the undeletable disabled App engine application. At least it worked for me :)

Solution 9 - Google App-Engine

Carlos, you're right that the issue has been fixed, and I up-voted you for that. However, your link is a little outdated and an updated link is listed below.

Solution 10 - Google App-Engine

open ,select the project(or application) to be deleted,then click delete

Solution 11 - Google App-Engine

I wanted to delete some legacy Google App Engine applications I made years ago, but when I tried to delete them from the new Google Cloud Platform (like this: I kept getting "You do not have permission" errors. The solution I found was to sign up for a free trial of Google Cloud Platform, then I was able to delete them.


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