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Is there any built in Indent Guide in Visual Studio Code?

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We just released this in the June 2016 release (v1.3.0). You can enable it by adding the following to your settings.json file (F1, Open Settings (JSON)):

"editor.renderIndentGuides": true

For anything more customizable indent guides you will need an extension such as Guides.

Solution 2 - Visual Studio-Code

As of the September 2021 (version 1.61) release, the correct setting is now:

"editor.guides.indentation": true

editor.guides.indentation setting in UI

The old setting from the other answer has been deprecated:

> ### Indentation guides settings > > The editor.renderIndentGuides and editor.highlightActiveIndentGuide > settings have been deprecated in favor of editor.guides.indentation > and editor.guides.highlightActiveIndentation.

Solution 3 - Visual Studio-Code

Default indent line guide

  • Method-1 (using settings.json)

    "editor.renderIndentGuides": false, is now deprecated in vs code.

    Use "editor.guides.indentation": true instead.

  • Method-2 (using settings UI)

    Goto settings > search editor.guides.indentation > Add 'tip' mark for guides indentation.

Custom indent line guide

Using the below extensions, you can add custom indent guides



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