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Is there a way to convert a Spark Df (not RDD) to pandas DF

I tried the following:

var some_df = Seq(
 ("A", "no"),
 ("B", "yes"),
 ("B", "yes"),
 ("B", "no")

"user_id", "phone_number")


pandas_df = some_df.toPandas()


 NameError: name 'some_df' is not defined

Any suggestions.

Pandas Solutions

Solution 1 - Pandas

following should work

some_df = sc.parallelize([
 ("A", "no"),
 ("B", "yes"),
 ("B", "yes"),
 ("B", "no")]
 ).toDF(["user_id", "phone_number"])
pandas_df = some_df.toPandas()

Solution 2 - Pandas

In my case the following conversion from spark dataframe to pandas dataframe worked:

pandas_df ="*").toPandas()

Solution 3 - Pandas

Converting spark data frame to pandas can take time if you have large data frame. So you can use something like below:

spark.conf.set("spark.sql.execution.arrow.enabled", "true")

pd_df = df_spark.toPandas()

I have tried this in DataBricks.


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