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I'm trying to add a c/c++ plugin to IntelliJ IDEA, so I went to plugins and searched for it but couldn't find it. Did they remove it and replace it with their new IDE cLion? Is it no longer supported or what?

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Looks like the version of your IntelliJ IDEA is newer than what the C/C++ plugin supports. If you look at the plugin page you can see that builds from 139.1 until 142 are compatible. And if you look here you can see that build 141 is IntelliJ 14.1 and IntelliJ IDEA 15 is numbered 143. So my guess is you are using IntelliJ IDEA 15 or 16 EAP and therefore the plugin is not shown when you search for it.

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Simply download the cpp plugin of the old 14 version located here:

Then edit the file CppTools/META-INF/plugin.xml and replace the "until-build" value in line 5 to something like until-build="170.0"

And this works perfectly :)

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One should really note that the "C/C++" plugin available in the IntelliJ Plugin Repository is actually not developed by Jetbrains, but by a third party called AdvancedTools, and has long not been updated. I'm not sure if that is related to the release of CLion, e.g. IntelliJ bought out the plugin to serve as the foundation of CLion or whatnot.

As listed in the CLion FAQ page, there is currently no official standalone plugin for C/C++ editing available for IntelliJ IDEA. Just as with some other products such as Jetbrains AppCode, Jetbrains are currently keeping CLion as an exclusively paid product, without a free community edition, as indicated in this forum post.

The post also confirmed that a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA might be coming in the future, but is currently (Jan 2018) not a priority for JetBrains.

So yeah for now the only way to get decent C/C++ support within the IntelliJ ecosystem is to use/buy JetBrains CLion.

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Download latest version of c/c++ extension from link:

then open that inside META-INF folder open file plugin.xml modify line five until-build="" from your own intellij idea build. Go to Help --> About in Your Intellij idea.

Go to Help --> About

plugin.xml file screenshot:


Now Go to File --> Settings --> Plugins --> Install plugins from Disk, browse ypur edited/ modified

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I faced this problem before and i figure out that the software i install it was old and not update, so try to see the plugin version and see is that plugin version compatible with your intellij-idea, if not check update for the intelli-idea ,the developers fix many problems in every update ,then download it. you can check compatibility from this page. Here

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Click on Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories and search for it" alt="Browse repositories">


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