Can I change the color of Font Awesome's icon color?

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I have to wrap my icon within an <a> tag for some reason.
Is there any possible way to change the color of a font-awesome icon to black?
or is it impossible as long as it wrapped within an <a> tag? Font awesome is supposed to be font not image, right?

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<a href="/users/edit"><i class="icon-cog"></i> Edit profile</a>

Html Solutions

Solution 1 - Html

This worked for me:

.icon-cog {
  color: black;

For versions of Font Awesome above 4.7.0, it looks this:

.fa-cog {
  color: black;

Solution 2 - Html


    <i class="icon-cog blackiconcolor">

css :

    .blackiconcolor {color:black;}

you can also add extra class to the button icon...

Solution 3 - Html

You can specify the color in the style attribute:

<a href="/users/edit"><i class="icon-cog" style="color:black"></i> Edit profile</a>

Solution 4 - Html

To change the font awesome icons color for your entire project use this in your css

.fa {
  color : red;

Solution 5 - Html

Try this:

<i class="icon-cog text-red">
<i class="icon-cog text-blue">
<i class="icon-cog text-yellow">

Solution 6 - Html

If you don't want to alter the CSS file, this is what works for me. In HTML, add style with color:

<i class="fa fa-cog" style="color:#fff;"></i>

Solution 7 - Html

To hit only cog-icons in that kind of button, you can give the button a class, and set the color for the icon only when inside the button.


<a class="my-nice-button" href="/users/edit">
    <i class="icon-cog"></i>
    Edit profile


.my-nice-button>i { color: black; }

This will make any icon that is a direct descendant of your button black.

Solution 8 - Html

> Is there any possible way to change the color of a font-awesome icon to > black?

Yes, there is. See the snipped bellow">

<!-- Here is what you need to use -->
<a href="/users/edit" class="fa fa-cog" style="color:black"> Edit Profile</a>

> Font awesome is supposed to be font not image, right?

Yes, it is a font. Therefore, you are able to scale it to any size without losing quality.

Solution 9 - Html

With reference to @ClarkeyBoy answer, below code works fine, if using latest version of Font-Awesome icons or if you using fa classes

.fa.icon-white {
    color: white;

And, then add icon-white to existing class

Solution 10 - Html

For me the only thing that worked is inline css + overriding

<i class="fas fa-ellipsis-v fa-2x" style="color:red !important"></i>

Solution 11 - Html

Solution 12 - Html


you write that code in css and it would change the color to white or any color you want, you specify it

Solution 13 - Html

You can change the Font Awesome's icon color with the bootstrap class





Solution 14 - Html

just give it the style whatever you want like

style="color: white;font-size: 20px;"

Solution 15 - Html

You can change the color of a fontawesome icon by changing its foreground color using the css color property. The following are examples:

<i class="fa fa-cog" style="color:white">

This supports svgs also


.parent svg, .parent i{

<div class="parent">
  <i class="fa fa-cog" style="color:white">

Solution 16 - Html

Write this code in the same line, this change the icon color:

<li class="fa fa-id-card-o" style="color:white" aria-hidden="true">

Solution 17 - Html

If you want to change the color of a specific icon, you can use something like this:

.fa-stop {

Solution 18 - Html

Use color property to change the color of your target element as follow :

.icon-cog { // selector of your element
    color: black;

Or in the newest version of font-awesome , you can choose among filled or not filled icons

Solution 19 - Html

It might a little bit tricky to change the color of font-awesome icons. The simpler method is to add your own class name inside the font-awesome defined classes like this:


And target your custom_defined__class_name in your CSS to change the color to whatever you like.

Solution 20 - Html

Open the svg file in vs code or something

change the line

path fill="gray" to what ever color you want! in my case i change it to gray!

Solution 21 - Html


<i class="icon-cog blackiconcolor">

css :

 .blackiconcolor {color:black;}

Using class will give you a free binding property which you can apply on any tag you require.


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