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I want to deploy the release version of my application done in C#.

When I build using the Release config, I still can see that .pdb files are produced, meaning that my application can be still debugged. This also means that some debug information is present somewhere in my code, slowing it down a little bit.

If this is true, how can I completely suppress any debug information produced in the binaries? Do you also know the reason of for having release .pdb? The Release configuration has the Optimize code checked, and only the TRACE constant is defined, not DEBUG.

Thank you for assisting.

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Solution 1 - C#

If you want to disable pdb file generation, you need to use the "Advanced build settings" dialog available in project properties after clicking the "Advanced..." button" located in the lower part of the Build tab.

Set Output - Debug info: to None for release build configuration and no pdb files will be generated.

Solution 2 - C#

The default is to generate PDBs for release builds as well. That is a feature and you shouldn't disable it. Generating PDBs means you can get more information when debugging. The performance of the code is not affected in any way by the presence of PDB files.

Solution 3 - C#

You don't have to ship the .PDBs with your release deployment, but they are useful to keep around - for example you can remotely debug the code running on a different machine using the PDBs on your machine to get the line numbers of where exceptions occur.

Without the use of the .PDBs, line numbers and file names are not included in stacktraces so it makes it much harder to debug them.

Solution 4 - C#

You control pdb / symbol generation in the project properties under Build -> Advanced... -> Debug info:. The options are:

  • none (no symbol information)
  • full (a .pdb will be produced, and some symbol information is embedded in the assembly)
  • pdb-only (a .pdb will be produced but the assembly is not impacted)

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8cw0bt21%28VS.80%29.aspx for more information.

I strongly recommend that you choose the pdb-only option, not the none option as it still gives you some symbol information without affecting the assembly - you will probably find that this is the current setting you have on your release builds.

Solution 5 - C#

Having the compiler generate a .pdb file is not mutually exclusive to having it optimize the code.

For more info on this subject, read these blog entries.


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