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I am using the Mac OS X Apple Script Editor and (while debugging) instead of writing a lot of display dialog statements, I'd like to write the results of some calculation in the window below, called "Result" (I have the German UI here, so the translation is a guess). So is there a write/print statement that I can use for putting messages in the "standard out" window? I am not asking to put the messages in a logfile on the file system, it is purely temporary.

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You can use the log command, which puts messages into the Log History window, e.g.:

enter image description here

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Log is the correct way of doing this; however, if your user base is more familiar with shell script you can do the following.

set val to 123
do shell script "echo The value: " & val


"The value: 123"

With this approach you don’t constantly have to telling users that they need to enable ‘Show Log’


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