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I have submitted a Single View Swift iOS application to App Store Connect. The application is not Document Based.

The application uploads successfully, but I get the following warning in an email from Apple. I can still test the application through Test Flight, but I want to eliminate the warning.

"Invalid Document Configuration - Document Based Apps should support either the Document Browser (UISupportsDocumentBrowser = YES) or implement Open In Place (LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace = YES/NO)."

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Solution 1 - Ios

I just ran into the same problem; I don't know why, since I barely change anything since the previous version of my app.

Anyway, my app doesn't support the Document Browser, so the first half of the error message doesn't apply. That left me with the second half. I looked up LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace's documentation and still wasn't clear on how it works, so I decided to try both options. My app supports it's own document type, and when a user opens an appropriate file iOS shows an action sheet with the option "Copy to Leio" (my app). After setting LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace to YES, iOS wouldn't show that action sheet anymore; it would just open my app and do nothing. So I set it to NO; now the app works as it did before and I'm not getting that error message anymore. If you don't handle any document types I suppose you could set the option either way.

Edit: There's some more information about that option here.

So there you go. If your app were to edit a document, would it edit the original document, or would it make a copy and deal with that? Set the option accordingly. If you really don't do anything like that I'd guess setting the option to NO would be the safest bet, and I think that's how my app behaved when I hadn't set that option at all.

Solution 2 - Ios

Since your app is not Document based just set UISupportsDocumentBrowser and/or LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace (reference and documentation) to NO in your plist. This should resolve the warning.

I had the same problem with the warning from App Store Connect. After changes these two keys to NO and resubmitting the warning was gone.

Solution 3 - Ios

Typical Requirement

If your application is not document based (which would typically be the case if you get this new warning) and if furthermore you are already opening files in your documents directory, then all you need is:

LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace = YES

Supports opening documents in place

This answer does not apply if you are not opening documents in place (i.e. make a copy), or of course, if you so desire to support document browser, as seen in @rivera's comment.

Solution 4 - Ios

If you are using UIDocumentInteractionController in your app, set

UISupportsDocumentBrowser = YES

in your project's info.plist; otherwise, set

UISupportsDocumentBrowser = NO

Solution 5 - Ios

It appears that if you have CFBundleDocumentTypes in your apps Info.plist, even if the array is empty, this warning is triggered when you submit your app. If your app doesn't support any document types remove that key and you won't get the warning.

Solution 6 - Ios

I also faced the same issue recently while uploading the app to TestFlight, The below solution worked for me,

In your app's Info.plist file, the UISupportsDocumentBrowser key is set to YES, declaring document browser support for your app.

For more info, please refer Setting Up a Document Browser App

Solution 7 - Ios

Here are where you find the settings in Xcode 13:

Finding key in plist

Setting key in plist


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